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Income Tax of India is to levy the taxes on all the people of different categories in India. Income Tax in India is levied by both the Central government and state government in India. Some other taxes are levied by the local authorities and municipalities. The complete details about What is Income Tax, Income Tax Deductions, Income Tax slab rates, Income Tax Calculator, How to calculate income tax?, How to file income Tax return? etc. is available on our site. As Income Tax efiling is mandatory, it is better to clarify all your doubts before making Income Tax return.

Income Tax of India

Income Tax Department is one of the biggest sources of revenue for the Government of India. Using this Income Tax revenue, the government serves the public and funds for its various activities. Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) provides the necessary inputs for policy and planning of direct taxes in India. CBDT is also responsible for administrating the direct tax laws through Income Tax Department (ITD). According to the Indian Income Tax Act, income taxes are collected from all people. Levy of tax is different on each and every person.

What is Income Tax ?

The Income Tax is nothing but the amount of tax that is collected from all the people who earn money. Income Tax comes under Direct taxes. It is mandatory for every person to pay the Income tax. The Income Tax is calculated for the financial year which is the previous year i.e FY. You have to pay the Income tax in the assessment year i.e, AY. The slab rates may change for every financial year. The one who pays tax is known as taxpayer or assessee. Income Tax involves other 2 taxes as mentioned below.

  • Payroll Tax.
  • Withholding Tax.

Payroll Tax:

It is an amount of tax that is imposed on an employer for the percentage of salaries he pays to his employees. This is purely based on the employee wages.

Withholding Tax:

Retention tax is also known as withholding tax. Under some heads like rent, salary, contract etc. This is paid directly to the government. It helps to withhold the tax from payment under some specific heads.

Why we should Pay Income Tax?

We all have the same doubt, what is the necessary to pay Income tax. Many people do not like to pay income tax and feel bad to pay Tax. Tax is added in everything we buy like fuel, electricity, property etc. Along with that, we need to pay the Tax based on the amount of Income we earn. So, many people avoid income tax returns. But, the tax we pay will aid the government to implement several schemes to the poor, laying roads, welfare programs, social security, military, pensions,  etc. So, we advise you to regularly pay to Income Tax of India department.

Evey year Income Tax slab rates are announced in the Financial budget. The central finance minister of India is Mr. Arun Jaitley. Income rates of various categories of taxpayers are different. The following are the various Income Taxpayers in India.

Income Taxpayers in India

  • Individual resident aged below 60 years
  • Senior Citizen
  • Super Senior Citizen
  • Any NRI / HUF / AOP / BOI / AJP
  • Local Authority
  • Firm
  • Co-operative Society
  • Domestic Company
  • Other Company

Income Tax Department India

The Indian Income Tax Department IDT is responsible for levying the direct taxes and collecting Income Tax. The Income Tax department is the most powerful departments among all the other departments under the government of India. ITD has a huge number of offices in 566 cities around India with 55, 000 employees. Central board of Direct taxes monitors all the offices of the Income Tax Department. Hence, the Income Tax  Department organization structure is given below.

Income Tax of India

How is Income Tax Calculated?

The Income Tax is imposed on the following heads.

  • Income from salaries
  • Income from house property
  • Capital gain Income.
  • Income from business and profession
  • Other sources.

After, the deductions are made the income tax slabs are applied on the Net income. Then, the surcharges, education cess etc are added and the Net taxable income is obtained. You can also calculate Income tax using the Online Income Tax calculator. After tax calculation, Income tax payment can be made even through Online mode also.

 Important Terms Related to Income Tax

Surcharge: It is an extra amount fee added to the good and services. Surcharges are added to the existing Tax. It is usually 10%, but it may vary depending on the Income earned & Assessment Year.

Education Cess: It is also a part of Income tax. The Education cess is 2 parts i.e, Primary education cess and secondary education cess. It is different for different categories of taxpayers. This education cess helps the government to build schools and colleges. Education facilities can be increased with this tax payment.

Income Tax Slab Rates: Slab rates of Income Tax of India are given based on the Net Income earned by the people. So, these Income slab rates are categorized depending on the Net Income and category of the taxpayer.

E-filing Income Tax

The simple steps to file the Income tax returns to the Income Tax of India given below. So, simply follow these steps for Income Tax Efiling.

  • First of all, go to the
  • On the top left of the homepage, you will find “Register Yourself”, “Login here”.
  • If you have Income tax e-filing login click on the ” Login here.”
  • Now, a new window displayed as shown below.

Icome tax of India efiling

  • Enter the user id, password and enter the captcha code.
  • Click on “login”.
  • Simply, make payment and file Income Tax returns.

Otherwise, if you are a New user you can register for online Income tax returns. The steps to New Income tax refund are as follows. Only 3 simple steps required for efiling Income tax returns.

  • Firstly, go to the Income Tax Department official website.
  • At the top right of the page, you will find “Register yourself”.
  • Click on it for Income Tax refund registration.

Income Tax Refund

  • A new registration form page opens as shown below.

Efiling Income Tax

  • Carefully select the user type, fill the registration form and click on “continue”.
  • Now, there will be 3 steps as given below.

Income Tax of India Registration

  • Enter the basic details and click on “continue”.
  • Do not leave the columns with the * mark.
  • Finally, your registration process is successful.

Income Tax of India Customer Care Details

If you have any doubts regarding the Income tax Efiling, contact the Indian Income Tax customer care and solve your Income tax efiling issues. The Income Tax Department customer care works from Monday to Saturday ( 09:00 hrs – 20:00 hrs ).

Income Tax Efiling customer care

1800 4250 0025/ 80 2650 0025

Income Tax of India Address (efiling)

M. Jagadeesan,

Deputy Director, e-Filing Unit,

Prestige Alpha Dr. no: 48/1 48/2,


Begur Hobli Hosur Road,

Bangalore – 560100.

Income Tax Slab Rates for AY 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19

Assessment Year Slab Rates
2016-17 Income Tax Slab Rates for AY 2016-17
2017-18 Income Tax Slab Rates for AY 2017-18
2018-19 Income Tax Slab Rates for AY 2018-19
Updated: February 18, 2017 — 11:23 am


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  1. I am a retired central Govt servant. In spite of regular submission of tax return on the basis of form-16, I found an outstanding demand notice.
    However I paid all the outstanding demands accordingly, through net banking vied SBI Challan No 01107 dt. 19/05/2017 & Challan No 01165 dt. 25/05/2017 & Challan No 01036 dt.25/05/2017,
    Sir, Kindly look into the matter. Still the notices hanging on my tension. And no decisive acknowledgement received thereon.

    Dt. 3 June 2017.


    Sir, While calculating Income Tax by using income tax calculator, it is observed that, if net taxable income is Rs.550116/-, income tax calculates at normal rate Rs. 22523/- and income tax after relief u/s 87A Rs. 20023/- and finally tax calculates to Rs. 20023+400+200 = 20623/-. As the taxable income is more than 3,50,000/-, relief u/s 87A (Rs. 2500/-) should not be applicable while calculating the income tax. Please clarify…….. Thanks.

  3. Hii, I had done the IT return for the assessment year 17~18 in ju and eligible for refund but yet i am not received the refund.

    please let me know the number whom i have to contact.


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