ITR Receipt Status | Income Tax Return Status through PAN or Acknowledgement Number

Checking of the ITR V Receipt Status is nothing but verifying your tax payment. After you pay the Income Tax you may have some doubts whether the payment process is completed or not? So, if you check this return status of Income Tax you can confirm that the payment is successful. Otherwise, sometimes IT department will reach you for verification. Then, you have to show the tax return status. So, the Income tax return status is important for all the Tax payers. There are several ways to track the status of tax payment online. Hence, we have given various ways for checking ITR status or the Demand status separately. So that you can choose the simple and convenient way. Just using the simple steps we have explained How to check the Income Tax Return Status.

Along with the Return Status of Income Tax, we have also mentioned the steps to download ITR-V from the Income tax department official website and NSDL. Just spend a few seconds to know your status of a Tax return.

ITR V Receipt Status

Track your ITR V Status by PAN Number here. If you are not having the PAN number, don’t worry. Read this entire article and know How to check the India Income Tax Receipt status using the Acknowledgement Number. So, you can easily check the ITR receipt status. On this page, you can check the Status of ITR V.

You can also check on the official site. The stepwise process to check the ITR received status through official website of the Income Tax department is given below. We can say that it is the easy and convenient process to get the Online ITR 5 status. Before filing Income Tax Return, you can calculate the Income Tax on our site using Income Tax Calculator.

The following are the different possible ways to get the status of the tax return. You can check ITR V Receipt status for all Assessment years through the following modes.

  • Online ITR online status using PAN number.
  • ITR filing status using the Acknowledge Number.

ITR-V Receipt Status by PAN Card Number –

The tax return status using the PAN card is possible through the income tax efiling site. So, all the taxpayers who want to chek the status of ITR-V Receipt can follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, go to the Income Tax efiling portal or click here.
  • Now, a page will be displayed as shown below.

Income Tax Return Status

  • Select the Know Status by as ‘PAN and assessment year’ as shown in the above image.
  • Carefully enter the Permanent account number (PAN) and Assessment year using the drop down list.
  • Enter the Captcha code and click on “submit”.
  • Now, below-shown online ITR status is displayed if the tax paid by you is received by the ITD.

Income Tax Refund Status by PAN Number

  •  In case, if the transaction is not made properly or if you not filed the e-Return then, the ITR V Receipt status will appear as shown in below image.

Income Tax return by PAN card Number

ITR V Status by Acknowledgement Number

Have you lost your PAN number and thinking how to check the ITR V Receipt status. Don’t worry you can also check the Income Tax return status through Acknowledgement Number. For this, even you won’t need to select the Assessment year. The Income Tax department facilitates the taxpayers to get the Indian income tax return verification by both PAN and Acknowledgement number on the official site. Therefore, if you follow the below steps you can easily check the Income Tax Return Receipt status in just a few seconds.

To go to the official site of the Income Tax Department may be somewhat complicated for you. Because usually, the official sites will have much traffic. So, it may take much time for you to get the Income Tax e-filing status. If you click on the link given below, it will redirect you to the official site immediately.

What is Income Tax Return Acknowledgement Number?

The Acknowledgement is nothing but the acceptance of something. It is given for the every bill payment and online transactions. In the same way, when you file the Income Tax online, it will generate the Acknowledgement number. It is known as the Tax return Acknowledgement number. If a Taxpayer files the Tax through the Online through the Income Tax India e-filing, he/ she will be given an IT return Acknowledgement number. With the help of this number, you can track the ITR V status.

Track ITR Receipt Status by Income Tax return Acknowledgement Number

The requirement to check the Tax return status online without PAN is only the Income Tax return Acknowledgement Number. If you want to check the Income Tax return status of any Assessment year by Acknowledgement number you can simply follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, to visit check the status of the IT return, click here
  • Now, a new page opens as shown below, select the “E-filing Acknowledgement.”

Income tax status by acknowledgement

  • Then, carefully enter the Income Tax Return Acknowledgement number in the space available.
  • Check the captcha code and enter it without any mistakes.
  • Finally, click on “submit”

At last, if you have filed the Income-tax Return the ITR V Receipt Status is displayed as shown below.

Income Tax Refund status by acknowledgement number

In case the Income Tax return is a failure or if you haven’t filed the e-Return then, the below status is obtained.

Tax return status by acknowledgement

What is ITR-V?

The ITR V is the Income Tax Return Verification form. This is a document which is received when you file Income Tax return online without using your digital signature. ITR V is issued by the Income Tax department of India. As there will be no digital signature when you file the Income Tax, the IT department will verify the authenticity of your Tax payment. Without your digital signature in Income Tax efiling the tax return process is incomplete. If you get the SMS or Email acknowledgement receipt of an ITV-R form from the central processing center (CPC), then the Income Tax efiling is completed.

How To Download the ITR-V form the ITD Website

  • First of all, go to the official website of Income Tax or click here:
  • Now, the home page of the Income Tax Department website displays.
  • On the top right of that page, you will find the “log in here.”

Income Tax return using PAN

  • Click on it.
  • Then, Enter the user ID, password, and date of birth.
  • Carefully, enter the captcha code and click on login.
  • A new page opens, click on the “View Returns/ Forms” link.
  • Now you will find the “click here to view your returns pending for e-verification.”
  • Click on “ITR V acknowledge.”
  • The ITR V form is downloaded.
  • After downloading the document to view the ITR V form you have to enter the password.
  • At last click on submit.
  • Finally, you can download ITR-V form.

How To Submit the ITR V to IT Department?

  • You have to print the ITV-R form in the dark blue ink and should be clear.
  • Then, you have to sign on it using blue pen only.
  • Make sure that your sign will not be on the bar code.
  • Barcode and the numbers below that must be visible.
  • Avoid stapling on the ITR V form.
  • Don’t try to fold this form.
  • Use a white A4 size envelope to enclose.
  • There is no need to attach any documents.
  • Finally, you need to send this form to the CPC through the speed/ ordinary post within 120 days after you fill the form.
  • Avoid sending through courier.

Central Processing Center Address:

Income Tax Department CPC Post Box No.1,

Electronic City Post Office,




Remember that you have to send the ITR V form within 120 days. If you send after 120 days of efiling, it is invalid, and you have to revise the Income Tax return. So, send the ITR – V form soon.

Also, after e-filing the ITR you can check the ITR Refund Status if you have paid any excess amount.

Updated: March 8, 2017 — 6:22 am


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  1. I have submitted my ITR V.

    I want to know how to get the receipt for the same.

    Thanking you,


    pl inform ITR V receipt status .Acknowledgement NO : 849723030060717 for assessment yr 2017-18
    Mobile no : 9435718384

  3. Dinkar Sitaram Jadhav

    RECEIPT NO:114342920020817

  4. i have not riceved tds in year 2017-2018, my Acknowled number: 213855040170917 .
    my pan number BDEPG9717L please responce my pan number

  5. C-4, Usha Niketan,
    Safderjung Development Area
    New Delhi-110016
    28th November 2017
    The Income Tax Department,
    CPC-Post Bag-1,
    Electronic City Post Office,
    Bengaluru 560100

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    1. My Income Tax Return was electronically filed on 23.07.2017 and acknowledged vide number 911516620230717. ITR-V was sent by ordinary post on 25.09.2017, within 120 days of online filing of the Income tax return

    2. It appears that ITR-V has not been received in your office and I have received SMS reminders on 08/09/2017, 13/09/2017, 22/09/2017 and 10/11/2017. The last reminder states that return may be treated as invalid. I was abroad and could not respond earlier.

    3. Copy of ITR-V filed on 25/09/2017 is enclosed. It is requested that online return may be treated as valid, as ITR-V was filed within the prescribed period of 120 days. Further, it is requested that the refund of Rs 10,400 may be kindly expedited.

    Yours faithfully,

    Dhirendra Krishna IA&AS (Retired)
    PAN: No. AAAPK2305C

  6. I have filed my Income Tax Returns on 24 June 2017 but till date refund not received nor any message from Income Tax Department

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